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Investment Contract Template – PDF Excel Word

  Investment Contract Template: Ready to invest money into a business or project? If yes, then wait here for a while to find something useful that makes the entire process of investing money smoother & profitable affair. Before jumping to invest a money to any business or project make sure to sign a legal document…. Continue reading »

Lease Agreement Template – PDF Excel Word

  Lease Agreement Template: A lease agreement is a a contract signed by a tenant & property owner by which one property owner conveys land, property, services, etc., to tenant for a specified time, usually in return for a periodic payment. Basically, a property owner prepares a well written lease agreement to handover a property to renter… Continue reading »

Rental Agreement Templates – Word Excel PDF

  Rental Agreement Templates: Stay here for a moment to find something useful. Here you can download ready to use  Rental Agreement Templates to write a rental agreements for land, home, building, office, gym, shops or any other tool. Having a legal document defining the terms & conditions about the rent is necessary from both the… Continue reading »

Loan Agreement Templates – Word Excel PDF

Loan agreement is a mutual agreement signed by a loan provider and borrower to have a proof of loan transaction that take place. Basically, it’s a responsibility of a loan provider to prepare an agreement to state terms & conditions of the transaction. All the details such as name of both the parties, their contact… Continue reading »